“In Google’s quest to deliver nothing but the most relevant and satisfying search results, it’s rolling out a several mobile ranking changes in the near future that will affect some non-responsive mobile sites” reports Linda Bustos in her article  “The 6 Deadly Sins That Could Cripple Your Mobile SEO” on “getlastic.com”.

Most interesting to us is the part where she writes about the reasons why Google recommends responsive design for mobile devices:

  • ONE URL for all devices makes it easy to share links with anyone
  • User redirection to special m/-pages carries the risk to fail. No redirection means: No bugs at this point.
  • Content living on one URL is easier to index by googlebot

Allright, responsive design is cool!  What we still need is (just like always):

  • SEO-optimized content
  • good links
  • and probably most important: fast pages