Our projects with Olympus OM Digital Solutions
Our projects with Olympus OM Digital Solutions
Headless Content Commerce
With the Headless Content Management System Strapi, Olympus OM Digital Solutions successfully launched a new camera lens series simultaneously in 18 countries.
All digital channels from a single system
With global templates and the page builder from ZYRES, the product information/content is created centrally and published via scheduling. This doesn't only ensure content consistency from all various digital channels such as websites, mobile apps, social media, newsletters and microsites but also ensures consistency in the international brand presence.
Fast Project Rollout
Strapi is an advanced headless CMS that combines flexibility and performance. The solution can be rolled out on-premise or in various cloud environments without generating an enterprise cost. The backend features an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that allows the Olympus' team to flexibly create personalised content for different audiences and regional markets.
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Direct to Consumer Solution (D2C)
With the Direct-to-Consumer-Platform, a user-friendly and intuitive shopping experience was created for the different target groups of Olympus OM Digital Solutions. The customer journey was set to reach photography enthusiasts as well as photographers and camera lovers across Europe. A high-quality UI design - in a camera-inspired colour palette - ensures an authentic and intuitive user experience on both mobile and desktop devices. An intuitive product finder allows end users to quickly find the right camera and compatible lenses or accessories.

Complete ERP-Integration
The platform is fully integrated into Olympus OM Systems' SAP landscape, so that in addition to e-commerce processes, extended manufacturer services such as software downloads, extended warranty, professional rental and repair services are offered directly.
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A platform for the European commercial partners.
In times of strained supply chains and fragile markets, a reliable digital ordering platform is crucial for a stable brand presence.
In addition of displaying current delivery and availability information, the direct order option at individual and daily updated debtor price conditions is decisive for an attractive binding of the commercial partners.
The complete integration into the SAP landscape of Olympus OM Systems enables direct access to advice and delivery information. In addition, commercial partners are directly supported via a product finder for compatible accessories and spare parts.
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