Headless CMS with Strapi
Headless CMS with Strapi
and our Page Builder
and our Page Builder
Improve your content game!
With Strapi, you get a creator-friendly headless content management system with a flexible architecture. With our Page Builder, you can create customer-centric content for your digital projects. From simple landing pages to holistic brand communication. Together we create individual workflows for your projects. Applicable to everyone, even without IT knowledge.
What's Strapi?
Strapi is a headless CMS (Content Management System) used for creating websites, mobile applications, eCommerce platforms and social media content. It enables content to be published quickly without having to speak "tech". The Strapi CMS provides ready-made content components for many content cases and simplifies creation and editing. Direct visualization for content and drag & drop functions also support the editor.
For Content Creators:
  • Design and publish complete pages within minutes
  • Choose from predefined and customized components to create content quickly
  • Create landing pages, complete websites or content for publishing on social networks
  • User interface for content creators and non-"techies"
  • Direct preview to pre-check the created content before publication
For business decision-makers:
  • Transparency and flexibility for marketing strategies
  • Continuously expandable for growing projects
  • No licensing costs thanks to open source approach
  • Increased conversion rates through innovative storytelling
  • Optimized workflow between all content stakeholders
For Techies:
  • Create multiple and separate websites with just one backend
  • API-first approach: REST and GraphQL
  • Extendable with plugins
  • Security through authentication and access control
  • Active community for ongoing development and support
The ZYRES-Strapi Page Builder
The ZYRES-Strapi Page Builder is a customized page-building solution that makes creating a page as easy as possible without compromising on functionality. Our page builder has been designed and developed to work seamlessly with the Strapi ecosystem.
In a Nutshell
Our ZYRES-Strapi Page Builder is designed for creator-friendly content creation. With a user-centered focus, the solution provides an intuitive experience for content editors without the need for extensive technical knowledge. Our page builder takes a component-based approach to ensure UI consistency and avoid unnecessary variations.
A real-time preview feature allows editors to visualize the content as end users would see it before it is finalized. The integration of an advanced SEO data editor simplifies optimization for better search engine visibility. Pages can be easily duplicated and translated for multiple languages.
The Key Benefits of our ZYRES - Strapi Page Builder
1. Effortless content creation and user-centered approach
The ZYRES-Strapi Page Builder simplifies the content creation process and enables editors to effortlessly develop appealing pages without the need for extensive technical knowledge.
2. Optimized Workflow
With a clear and organized structure, the Page Builder optimizes the work processes for content creators. The focus on predefined collections makes it easier for teams to manage and create content efficiently.
3. Advanced User Experience
The integration of user-friendly functions such as icons for orientation, relevance ranking and a preview function support editors in productive content creation.
4. Optimized SEO Management
A preconfigured SEO data component simplifies the management of meta titles, descriptions and images. Visibility and performance in search engines and social media platforms can therefore be easily optimized.
What marks the ZYRES - Strapi Page Builder?
Building kit system
Create complete pages from predefined assets and sort them according to your taste and needs.

Preview functionality
An integrated preview function makes it possible to visualize the content before completion and publication.

Structured page layout
The pre-configured structure of the Page Builder allows you to quickly create and publish customized pages

Forms to click together
With another Go-To plugin, Strapi makes it easy to click together forms. Predefined fields can be selected and changed as required. Mandatory fields are checked automatically.

Multilingual content
Pages can be easily duplicated and translated into several languages.

Our partnership with Strapi
Since 2020, we have relied on Strapi as our reliable CMS hobbyhorse. After realizing several successful projects with the Strapi CMS, we decided to become an official partner. Because we fully support Strapi's philosophy, functions and software architecture. The official partnership gives us the opportunity to access Strapi's in-depth resources ourselves, so that we don't have to wait for any CMS requests.
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