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Our News
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Forms are an important source of leads in various use cases, but they often turn out to be a source of frustration. With our Form Builder for our Headless Strapi CMS, we offer editors an elegant way to easily create user-friendly web forms without having to be a techy. Among other things, the form builder offers:
  • Create user input and file uploads ✅
  • CRM integration ✅
  • Newsletter integration ✅
  • Very high design flexibility ✅
Interested? Why not arrange a consultation with us directly!
Come as you are!
We are currently looking for additional staff for our head office in Frankfurt. That's when we realized:
  • Personal fit is more important to us than a great cover letter
  • Empathy, appreciation and respectful interaction are a must-have
  • Benefits consist of more than fruit baskets and table football
Do you know someone who lives and seeks the above points? We would be delighted!
Psssssst - spoiler alert!
Something is bubbling behind closed doors: Our office renovation is in its final stages - a lot has happened since our demolition party in September and our first announcement in November! We can't wait to finally move into our "New-Work Office" and invite you all! To make the wait a little easier, we've prepared a little teaser for you! Take a look on LinkedIn!
Passwords are a pain in the...
We've all been there: seemingly endless login processes for every single customer account, whether in the app or on the web. This leads to the use of short and easy-to-remember passwords, as one is required for each account. Often even one and the same password for several accounts - GDPR & security gaps send their regards - but today it's easier, safer and faster! With Single Sign On or SSO for short. Enough of the login chaos? Then it's time for SSO! Implementation is easier than you think - and the benefits are priceless. We'd be happy to advise you and your company on how to do this! Read our article on LinkedIn to find out why you can benefit from it too.
The future of search: Typesense
Are you looking for precision, efficiency & budget optimization? Typesense sets new standards! As a modern open source search engine service, Typesense offers lightning-fast search and filter functions with minimal resource consumption for complex databases. That's why we use Typesense in our CMS projects with Strapi, as well as in store projects with commercetools & shopware AG. Why Typesense stands out:
  • Speed: Less than 50 ms for results thanks to lean architecture and optimized algorithms.
  • Easy integration: Attention developers! Typesense offers a user-friendly API and clear documentation.
  • No frustration: High error tolerance and synonym acceptance for a seamless search experience.
  • Customizability: Flexible configuration options individually for each project
Are you interested? Let us advise you and together we will find the ideal solutions for your projects!
Our Shopware Module-Library
You still design every module from scratch ?! Not us - our Shopware module library in use ! Based on the Shopware Design Library, our UX/UI team with Selina Kuhn, has created an arsenal of pre-built modules and pages that takes our design process to the next level! Why is this cool? Focus on the important stuff The library provides a solid foundation for any e-commerce endeavour. When it comes to advanced designs, it allows us to focus on the individual customer experience. "Time is money" - we save both! We use ready-made modules to create impressive Shopware shops in a flash. As colourful as you are! Each element can be customised with one click, making every project unique. Would you like to try out what your new shop could look like with Shopware? We would be happy to make you a free intro - just send us a private message.
R+T Stuttgart 2024
This week, Sebastian Schirmer and Felix von Strachwitz were at the R+T, the World's Leading conferences for Roller Shutters, Doors and Sun Protection (R+T Alliance) and immersed themselves in a sea of innovations. Our personal highlight: BOTEVO, a software and hardware solution for the centralised monitoring of various roller shutter types and brands. BOTEVO also received the R + T Innovation Award 2024 for this. In line with our industry insights from the home textiles conference, similar topics were once again at the "digital centre" of our numerous discussions:
  • 3D product configuration with AR functions
  • Supporting functions for specialist retailers
  • Digitalisation as a growth driver
The conference was not only a showcase for new technologies, but also a chance to see familiar faces like Michael Käding from Anova. We are looking forward to the future partnerships and projects that will result from this outstanding conference. See you at R+T 2027 in Stuttgart!
Commercetools Accelerator Launch
We are pleased to announce the launch of our Accelerator. Based on the innovative foundry approach of commercetools, CoZy Commerce presents a platform that redefines GTM in e-commerce. Our accelerator stands for speed, flexibility and, above all, budget efficiency. With CoZy, medium-sized companies can benefit from a fully functional e-commerce solution that can be brought to market at lightning speed. Highlights of CoZy Commerce:
  • Get to market fast (GTM) with a complete solution that includes your customised design, products and content.
  • A sales-boosting search engine optimised by Typesense and AI that guides your customers to the products they want faster.
  • Strapi CMS for effortless content creation, enabled by intuitive tools and multichannel capabilities.
  • Impressive cost efficiency, up to 55% less than a comparable custom project.
As a commercetools Foundry Accelerator, CoZy not only offers an innovative solution for medium-sized companies, but also sets new standards in terms of pricing structures and flexibility thanks to the MACH architecture.
Home textiles & interior design
A few days ago, our team member Felix von Strachwitz was at the „Heimtextilmesse“ (Conference) in Frankfurt. Three key topics were at the "digital centre" of the industry discussions:
  • Product configuration
  • Augmented reality (visualisations)
  • Direct connection to payment and manufacturing systems
We are always pleased to receive the latest insights from the industry. In close cooperation with our customer Teba GmbH & Co. KG, we recognised these specific needs early on and were able to successfully realise it through intensive collaboration with a detailed product configurator and a comprehensive B2B portal.
Page Builder success story
Our Project Manager Ignacio Artagoitia gives an insight into our experience with Strapi and introduces our customised ZYRES-Strapi Page Builder! Discover how we were able to utilise the possibilities of this flexible headless CMS for our requirements and how it can also enrich your projects. Ideal for developers, editors, project managers and business decision makers looking for an intuitive headless CMS.
ZYRES becomes commercetools partner
ZYRES is now an official commercetools Solution / Systems Integrator Partner! We will be launching our own accelerator this year. However, we will not reveal the name yet. With our commercetools Accelerator, we offer medium-sized customers a comprehensive starter package for B2B and D2C - from a stylish PWA frontend, fed by a headless CMS, to a lightning-fast AI-driven search engine, to cross-selling and payment integrations. And the best part? A customised UI that perfectly matches the corporate identity!
ZYRES becomes Strapi partner
The headless Strapi CMS has established itself as our ultimate content all-rounder - a mix of multichannel capabilities, scalability and a user interface that's a breeze even for tech novices. All in the spirit of MACH. Our association with Strapi dates back to 2020 and this partnership gives our CMS resources a real boost and opens up the opportunity to offer an even wider range of solutions for our clients. From fancy landing pages to comprehensive brand presences, Strapi is our trusted "go-to CMS" and with our ZYRES-Strapi page builder, we design customised and intuitive content creator journeys. Together with our customers, we develop customised workflows that anyone can easily master, even without technical expertise. We are looking forward to working more closely with Strapi and are excited about the future.
We are rebuilding!
We are in a rebuilding mood and everyone has pitched in! Following our technological conversion to headless commerce and microservices, we are now following up with a New Work modernisation to the delight of our team. We celebrated the launch in September with a demolition party and are now thrilled with what our hard-working craftsmen have already achieved in just a few weeks. We look forward to welcoming you to our new office soon - whether for a meeting or a casual chat. We are all very excited about the final result and will of course share it with you!
Testimonial: real-estate sector
"What sets ZYRES apart is their ability to target our specific requirements and requests [...] and are happy to recommend them to anyone looking for first class web development services" We had the pleasure of developing a portfolio of web projects with the fantastic Sodor from Basel and... man, the feedback blows us away, thank you Sodor Real Estate Group AG! As a proud Strapi partner, we have created a modular system for Sodor AG using the Strapi Headless CMS. Sodor now independently creates customised sales homepages that do justice to their individual property projects. All in a single backend, with multiple frontends and in no time at all! The ZYRES-Strapi Page Builder in the CMS backend is our choice when it comes to:
  • Creating content quickly with predefined components
  • Flexibly implementing customised design themes
  • Checking newly created content with an instant preview function
We would like to thank Sodor AG and especially Luca Fricker and Antonio Schmidt for their trust in us. We are proud of the results of this partnership and look forward to further exciting projects in the real-estate sector.
The ZYRES Running Team
On 29 October 2023, our "ZYRES Running Team" successfully took part in the relay marathon in Frankfurt Our runners not only demonstrated their physical endurance, but also strengthened our team spirit. We firmly believe that a healthy work-life balance and promoting an active lifestyle are crucial to achieving the best possible results as a team. We look forward to more adventures and challenges in the future. Together we can do anything!
"Germany ticket" at ZYRES
We are delighted to present our latest employee benefit initiative and to make an active contribution to sustainability and environmental protection. Since the introduction of the „Deutschlandticket", we have been covering all the costs. In doing so, we not only want to protect the environment, but also reduce the financial burden on our team. Meaning all regional travel via public transport is covered by us. Would you like to become part of our dedicated team and benefit from the many advantages, including the „Deutschlandticket"? At ZYRES, we stand for team spirit and sustainability. Together we are shaping a sustainable future and making the journey to work stress-free and environmentally friendly.
ZYRES at the B2Run
We were at the B2Run in Frankfurt on Tuesday! With our home advantage, our runners successfully mastered the 5.3KM. If ZYRES can contribute to the charitable cause of the DKMS Group with sport and team spirit, we will be there again next year.
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